New Reports from November 2008 Survey Released

In November 2008, the Collaborative Creativity Group at UNU-Merit, in partnership with the Wikimedia Foundation, launched the most comprehensive survey of Wikipedia readers and contributors ever conducted. The survey was translated into 20 languages and received more than 170,000 responses. In April 2009, we shared preliminary results of the survey, and in August 2009, a member of the UNU-Merit team presented the survey at Wikimania (slides are available online).

Some key results from the survey have been widely reported, such as the finding that only about 13% of all Wikipedia contributors are female, a gender imbalance that poses a serious challenge to the Wikipedia project. The UNU-Merit group has now published four final reports:
The UNU-Merit team is planning to make a comprehensive final report report available very soon, and to release the full, anonymized raw data later this year.
Erik Moeller
Deputy Director, Wikimedia Foundation
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wikimediablog 1 year

Unfortunately, the domain appears to have expired. But for now, the four reports linked in the post (“Licensed under the Creative Commons Non-commercial / Attribution / Verbatim license”) can still be accessed in the Internet Archive:


Roger Hogsky 6 years

I’ve found a ton of inconsistencies in these UNU data. Unfortunate.

emijrp 6 years

A very interesting post. An huge research effort is focused in editors, but nothing is said about readers. Thanks.

Jeroen De Dauw 6 years

Only 13% female :o That’s a surprisingly big imbalance. Very interesting stats :)

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