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Weekly Wiki Tech Update

Got your coffee on? Good!

Let’s quickly review last week’s excitement and what we’ve got planned for this coming week…

Looking back:

  • Ops magnate Mark Bergsma has completed his thesis and is able to come up for air again. Welcome back Mark and congratulations!
  • Mark has been testing performance of Squid proxies backed by solid-state disk drives… so far so good!
  • Ariel has continued background cleanup of our media fileservers to prevent recurrence of the performance problems we saw last month.
  • The Wikipedia Usability Initative team has rolled out their opt-in beta program to get more people trying out the updated site theme and edit toolbar.
  • We’ve announced plans to form and hire a new Wikimedia CTO position to free up Brion for more development time as Senior Software Architect
  • Flagged Revisions extension is being tested on Help and Manual pages for

Coming this week:

  • The Wikimedia Foundation board election finishes tonight at midnight UTC! Go vote while you can…
  • A testing configuration for Flagged Revisions on English Wikipedia will be deployed on a test site soon!
  • Planning to bring the site up to date with development trunk by the end of the week…
  • Tomasz is in progress getting our data dumps mirrored to Amazon’s public data sets

Upcoming events:

  • August 25-28: The annual Wikimania conference in Buenos Aires will include a code-a-thon developer sprint — join us in person or via IRC!

Brion Vibber, Lead Software Architect

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  1. Nathan says:

    i will join in IRC for this conference :)