July 16th, 2009

  1. Internal updates: moving files around

    We’re now running all Wikimedia sites on our internal deployment branch of MediaWiki, so we’ve got a consistent record of what software we’re running and can more easily test it offline. There were a couple brief glitches during the switchover, but everything seems to be running smoothly now. Additionally, we’ve started the process of moving thumbnail images from our primar... Read more

  2. Protecting the public domain and sharing our cultural heritage

    Last week, the National Portrait Gallery in London, UK sent a threatening letter to a Wikimedia volunteer regarding the upload of public domain paintings to Wikimedia’s media repository, Wikimedia Commons. The fact that a publicly funded institution sent a threatening letter to a volunteer working to improve a non-profit encyclopedia may strike you as odd. After all, the National Portrait Ga... Read more

  3. Live from the NIH Wikipedia academy

    Today Wikimedia Foundation staff and volunteers are in the middle of the first-ever Wikipedia Academy in the United States – at the National Institutes of Health campus in Bethesda, Maryland (see Frank’s post for more info). You can follow the twitter dialog live.  Volunteer/speaker/photographer Mathias Schindler is also uploading photos, which will make their way to the Wikimedia Com... Read more

  4. ESAMS Servers not reachable, some EU traffic affected. (Fixed!)

    Starting approx. 03:20 GMT, servers in our ESAMS facility began to roll offline one after another.  After some investigation, it appea rs power is not being supplied to all the servers.  This has resulted in some slow downs for traffic of EU users. We have temporarily migrated all traffic to our primary FL datacenter.  Once the servers are back online in ESAMS, we will be pushing service back t... Read more