A great day for our fundraiser

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Today marked the single most active fundraising day since the beginning of our campaign, and maybe in the history of fundraising at Wikimedia. People have come out in great numbers, and with a great total: Over $283K USD was raised in one day, from 8,186 donations!  That’s up from 800 contributions yesterday – or an 892% increase in the number of donations  (see the green spike):


Why the jump? It can very likely be attributed to the intro of our banner inviting users to read a donation appeal letter from founder Jimmy Wales:


This is a tremendous gesture from all the supporters of Wikipedia from around the world. A huge thanks to all of you – here’s to a few more days like today so we can keep pushing for our $6million goal!

Jay Walsh, Communications<

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Zaid 7 years

If only I didn’t already spend my money on supporting our ppl in Gaza I would’ve donated ..I should asap ,although I have some concerns about a lot of the articles .

Shaun 7 years

Your banner HTML is messed up on 1024-pixel wide resolutions and below. The top line mis-centers and looks wrong: http://i43.tinypic.com/2j31pwl.png.

You ought to be grateful I bothered to tell you as it’s so hard to find where to report this sort of thing. There was a big questions page people could edit last year. Now it’s all locked down and the main links I found were for the 2007 or past fundraisers. Blah.

sam 7 years

what a great success, hope wiki reach the fundraising target..

Mark 7 years

I’d considered donating multiple times during the drives over the past 3 years. This appeal was what finally made me donate, and I donated more than I’d planned even then because of the way you’d set up the donation amounts ($30 instead of $25). Nice job, hope ya’ll hit your goal.

Hello 7 years

Just one question the appeal from Jimmy Wales was online on December 24th, but the jump was on December 23rd. So, do you really think that there was a jump because this appeal?

善用佳软 7 years

wish more and more Chinese people can use and support Wikipedia.
a donation to wikipedia is a best Xmas gift for myself.

Jay Walsh 7 years

If you click on graphic it will take you to these:

They’re on the Foundation wiki, mostly for our use to share with other volunteers, but we’re happy to share.

Ro 7 years

Where can we find all these statistics? For example, where does the screen shot come from? Thanks

DZ 7 years

Impressive! It’s a very good letter. My compliments, but why is this banner not in use today?

Slience 7 years

You do such a good job!

NonvocalScream 7 years

I’m very excited to see this success.

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