Firefox 3 and the ‘wiki edit button’ It’s a great day to download Firefox 3 and edit your favorite wiki!

Earlier today a small consortium of wiki-developers, including our own Brion Vibber here at the Foundation, put the finishing touches on the Universal Edit Button.  With this little Firefox 3 extension users will be able to click one button, located conveniently in the Firefox address bar, to instantly access the ‘edit’ page for an increasing number of participating wikis, including Wikipedia.  A MediaWiki extension has been created so other wiki operators can implement the button into their own site.

At this time the button is exclusively available on FireFox (get help with the install), but there’s no reason we shouldn’t expect to see similar functionality in other browsers down the road.  Further proof that that the web is quickly shifting to become an ‘edit this page’ kind of place.  The power of public collaboration at work!

The Universal Edit Button was first discussed at the 2007 Recent Changes Camp, and again explored at the recent Recent Changes Camp in Palo Alto.  The button is a great example of the product of open-source collaboration and the mutual commitment of wiki developers to foster a community of interoperability and interconnectedness.

Here’s to the new age of the edit-powered web!

Jay Walsh, Head of Communications

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thorn 8 years

Sadly, this extension does not support middle button click to open editing in a new tab. I hope, this will be fixed.

Nick Moreau 8 years

Wow, it works wonderfully!

Jay Walsh 8 years

Absolutely – thanks for mentioning, Ben. Bad oversight.

More on Tim Berners Lee’s involvement here:

And of course on his page here:

Ben Yates 8 years

You should mention tim berners-lee’s original plan for having an read-write web.

Waldir 8 years

You could have linked to the mediawiki extension’s page :)

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